Is Dhoni Stella for you?

If you want freedom, excitement, adventure and a small amount of indulgence, then yes, it probably is.

First cruise with family

We have travelled with our two children and the crew have been fabulous looking after them.

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  1. David

    We are wrapping up our charter this morning and we had an incredible time. Over Reef was absolutely perfect for our family, and it didn’t feel like a maiden cruise (though I know the crew worked very hard to address the small issues that always come up with a new boat). In particular, I want to highlight how great all of the crew was. They really went out of their way to make it a great experience for us, and particularly Nasru and Adam, who were always highly knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to be around. The food was also surprisingly good.

    August, 2019
  2. Lone

    We truly enjoyed life on Stella and were now getting used to the rhythm on board: breakfast, snorkeling, lunch, snorkeling, afternoon tea and evening cosiness. We navigated 2-3 hours per day, some days weighing anchor already before breakfast. But this morning we could sleep a little longer and woke up at our beautiful reef just off Gaalee with the now familiar luminous blue and turquoise stripes. I thanked the higher powers, thinking I would never have enough of standing here on Stella's deck in the hazy morning sun, enjoying this fascinating color play. And the precious silence, apart from the sound of happy splashes from Jens and Christian's morning swim. Lone.

    Farven Blå (The Color Blue) - by Lone E. Valentinsen

    "Maldives. Small, snow-white paradise islands placed like a row of pearls on a deep blue sea surrounded by turquoise lagoons. The water is so clear that it almost hurts the eyes, and high swaying palms is the only thing that breaks the eyes path to the horizon. So is the Maldives. But it is so much more. A small family had the chance to experience this on their own body and soul during a 10-day boat trip through seven atolls. They embark as the only passengers on a small wooden ship to enjoy the amazing life both beneath and above the water. But also with the desire to gain insight into everyday life in the Maldives, which is facing major changes. Consequences of climate change, political disagreement and rapid globalization is the visible backdrop on the stage of the fantastic and special nature. Join Stella as she sets out from the Laamu Atoll and into the adventure - which also brings new friendships and time for reflection".

    July, 2019
  3. Phil

    Hi Max, Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and the team - we had the best time. Your service prior to booking, the boat, the food, the islands/things we did were all amazing. And to top it off the crew were unbelievable - seriously the best. Thanks again to all for making it a honeymoon we’ll never forget. We really hope to come back one day soon. Cheers, Phil and Marcella.

    July, 2019
  4. Daryl & Steve

    Hello Max, we have finally settled in back home in California and have a minute or two to let you know we are still sharing our amazing Stella Yacht adventure with all our friends. Your yacht and crew, were exceptional. The food could not have been better. All three meals each day were different and delicious. The attitude and positive energy from each crew member aboard your boat made every day wonderful. The beautiful islands and unbelievable water speak for themselves. We argue there may not be better islands to vacation to. I must tell you, our dive master Maullim was the best and most exceptional person we met in over 60 days of travel. He is incredibly special and we hope to see him again. We wish you all very good luck this next season and forever.

    May, 2019
  5. Garth

    Dear Max, sitting in the departure lounge, feeling immensely content and gratified. It was sad to say farewell to our wonderful crew, but all good things come to an end. As already mentioned our meet and greet went without a hitch. All meals prepared by Suranga were absolutely superb, he is a master of curries and the diversity of the menus was an eye opener. Not only is he a very competent chef, his gentle and likeable personality equals his talent of preparing food! Under the Captainship of Hameed we felt safe at all times, he has immense knowledge of the waters, channels and atolls. Stella 2 is a beautiful boat, well built with an honest motor, the room was more spacious than any live aboard I have been on, which is well over 10. Good shower pressure and the toilet flushes easily (not always the case on boats). We wanted for nothing on board, enjoyed the sun and star deck no matter the weather. Mallah was a magician in all his skills, our room fastidiously cleaned, the good smell of Detol greeted us each morning after cleaning. A wonderful turndown each evening with the top sheet folded like I have never seen in any lodge or resort. His napkin folding is an art in itself, origami! He spoke the best English of the crew, has a very sharp sense of humour and was a fountain of information. Our wines were all well presented, no corked red wine, ice at all times of the day. Aju was immensely helpful in understanding our wishes for our snorkelling requirements, which equated to between 3 and 6 hours each day in 60 to 90 minute excursions. The reef fish were in the biggest variety and numbers of many places I have snorkelled and dived on the planet. Our highlight was eclipsed on our last full day. Until then it has been the quality of the fish and sheer numbers on the Alimatha Resort house reefs and especially the night snorkel with the nurse sharks and a bait ball of many millions of small fish, we had 24 nurse sharks all around us and the bait ball was attempting to escape them so swam through us, with about 100 ending up inside my wet suit and a few in my fins, such were the numbers. The Alimatha reef was so good I asked if we could go back there for our 3rd night which was even better than our first night there. That experience was surpassed by our arrival at Guraidhoo Island where we were greeted by dolphins frolicking between our anchor point and the breakwater/harbour wall. We swam out to them and enjoyed approx 45 minutes with over 100 Spinners. What a sight to see a wall of dolphins in front of us at various depths!, when that show was over we swam to the house reef and had another hour cruising along with the current and an excellent array of fish and a few healthy corals. The dolphin extravaganza was most unexpected and something I have fantasised about since watching Flipper as a little boy in the early 60’s! Aju waited for us patiently in the tender boat for most of our snorkels or he kept a watchful eye from the main boat. In conclusion Max I have nothing but praise for your operation and especially the staff. We look forward to returning again in a year or two.

    February, 2019
  6. Deborah

    OMG Max we have had the most incredible time on the Dhoni Stella. Your crew is amazing. They have attended to our every want and need. Aju is the consummate professional. I just think it is his nature. He represents your company with the highest standard. You are very lucky to have him. He was dealing with 4 old women in their 60-70 and it didn’t even phase him. Mallah has such a great personality and it was a blast getting to know him. He seemed to be everywhere on the boat. If he wasn’t serving us a meal, or cleaning our rooms, or taking us in the small boat to accommodate our wishes, he was cleaning the boat. Amazing deck hand. Suranga was so accommodating for our meals. He cooked things that were local and he cooked things that we were familiar with from our country. He also helped with getting 4 older ladies in and out of the small boat. Some days that was challenging for us. Hameed, the captain, at the direction of Aju, took us wherever Aju thought we could have the best experience. He also was available to help get us in and out of the boat. Your crew was amazing. They helped make our experience a once in a lifetime adventure. All in all Max, this vacation was a 10 out of 10. Thank you so much to you and your crew. We experienced things we will never see again.

    January, 2019

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