Cruise in style aboard Dhoni Stella 1 & 2

With Dhoni Stella you can explore the archipelago by spending each day in a different location, while comfortably cruising aboard a charming traditional boat. You can select one of our proposed itineraries, or design your own route.

Dhoni Stella I & II are Maldivian luxury dhonies, each with just two cabin-suites, catering for 2-6 passengers and available for private charter only. Maldives enthusiasts will experience a really unique holiday, sailing the archipelago with their family or with another couple.

The Maldives is the ideal archipelago for an aquatic safari. Sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, colorful soft corals, sea fans and acroporas - the Maldives reefs offer all of this and more. You choose the destinations and activities that suit you. Read our reviews!

Choose from a range of tailored itineraries

3-4 Nights short charters combined with 1 or more nights in a resort.

Weeekly charters with the option of additional nights in resorts.

10 Nights itineraries 'live aboard only' in remote atolls.

Departure from Male', from other domestic airports, or from selected resorts.

Short charter

4 days Itineraries

Dhoni Stella yachts offer shorter charters of 3-4 nights with start from Male Airport or from your favorite resort.

Dhoni Stella at Sunset

Weekly charter

7 days itineraries

Book a weekly private cruise to explore the remote atolls of the archipelago.

Dhoni Stella

Charter + Resort

Combinations of charter and hotels

Start your cruise at any date from your favorite resort and end it to Male Airport, or viceversa.

Angsana Ihuru


Explore the remote atolls

Every year, between March and April, our yacht touches the most remote atolls of the archipelago.

Dhoni Stella

Day charter

Day charter from the best resorts

Do you stay in a resort and you wish to have your private yacht for daily excursions? Go for our day charters.

Dhoni Stella Sundeck
Dhoni Stella Special Offers

Dhoni Stella 1 & 2

Cruise 7, Pay 5
Book your weekly charter between May-Oct 2024 and pay only 5 nights.

Max Molteni

Author of 'Maldives Cruising Guide'

Unlike the other cruisers available in the archipelago, where passengers share the boat with other tourists and follow a pre-planned program, aboard Dhoni Stella guests are free to design their own cruise. Maldives enthusiasts will experience a really unique holiday on a wonderful and charming traditional boat.

Signature Max Molteni
Max Molteni Maldives Cruising Guide

Dhoni Stella 1 & 2


Dhoni Stella 1 & 2

Charming Dhonies
Dhoni Stella brings you the 'freestyle cruising' among the atolls.

Private Charters


Maldives Safari

Relax & Adventure
The Maldives is the ideal archipelago for a wonderful aquatic safari

Maldives à la carte


Discovery & Fun

Diving & Snorkeling
Private scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, and surfing aboard Dhoni Stella yachts