What a fantastic cruise we have had! Twelve days of absolute pleasure. We have travelled with our two children (both 7 years old), and the crew have been fabulous, looking after them while we were diving and looking after all of us for the rest of the time.

Dhoni Stella Crew Our two children with the crew of Dhoni Stella and Max

Very exciting dives organized perfectly by Max

My family had an amazing week in the Maldives: enjoying snorkeling, dolphins watching, eating in front of beautiful islands and fishing every day on board of a wonderful boat.

All the services and the food were perfect!

Kumar, the sensitive cook, reads the guest's mind and serving all the palate flattering delicacies, prepared with passion and minimum space and equipment! This is our first time on Dhoni Stella and it wont be the last! Thanks for everything and see you soon!

Dhoni Stella Yummy!

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Is Dhoni Stella for you?

If you want freedom, excitement, adventure and a small amount of indulgence, then yes, it probably is.