My buddy and I have just got back from a magic surf trip on Stella 1. Being on a smaller safari boat like Stella 1 meant that, for a very reasonable price, we had the luxury of the boat to ourselves and the freedom to decide exactly what we did and where we went on any given day, rather than risking being tied to less flexible arrangements as part of a larger party on a bigger boat. It also meant that we didn’t turn up with a ready-made crowd whenever we stopped at a surf spot.

White Sand Dhoni Stella White sand, blue lagoons, and the dhoni...

The crew were excellent at their roles and genuinely nice people

The boat was gorgeous and really comfortable and the crew were really accommodating, looked after us really well (AMAZING food) and were a great laugh. Meanwhile, the boat's operator Max, and our surfing agent Phil, were attentive and helpful, making contact during the trip and working behind the scenes to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Great surf on good uncrowded waves

In consultation with our sufirng guide, we could move around spots quickly and easily depending on conditions and numbers in the line-up, so we maximised our time on good uncrowded waves. The surf was beyond our imaginings and, until we can get out there again, we've brought home fantastic memories of a brilliant week.

Dhoni Stella Dining Great food!

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Is Dhoni Stella for you?

If you want freedom, excitement, adventure and a small amount of indulgence, then yes, it probably is.

First cruise with family

We have travelled with our two children and the crew have been fabulous looking after them.