I visited the Maldives the first time in 1998 and have come back twice afterwards before I had kids. Now I came back with an 8 year old and decided that staying in a resort for the full 12 days would be more than I could stand. As pleasant and polished as they can be these days, gone is the crappy food and worn down rooms with creaky ceiling fans, these days there's a lot of architecture that would be equally at home in any seaside resort in Florida or the Caribbean. But for all their pleasantness they also lack that certain something, that feeling of adventure that should accompany a trip from the far north to a couple of degrees north of the equator. But I did find the perfect adventure for us in the form of Dhoni Stella.!

Dhoni Stella Sunset An amazing Maldivian sunset from Dhoni Stella

For five nights we were the guests of the crew of Dhoni Stella 1

Here's the thing - when you come to the Maldives you are in the middle of one of the natural wonders of the world. And if you spend all your days in a resort you are stuck in one place. It might be nice or even very nice but taking yourself on the road (or the open sea as it happens to be in this case) is a much more rewarding experience. A big thanks goes out to Hassan, Kumar, Malla and Nasru for making it an unforgettable trip - and we saw huge nurse sharks drift past us under a starry sky during a night snorkel, the 8 year old revelled in the huge fish he landed (with the help of the safe and guiding hands of the crew) during night fishings from both boat and dinghy. And the snorkelling was as fantastic as anything you are likely to find in this place where good snorkelling basically means sticking your head in the water. It feels like the first time I was here again but much better because this time I got to build awesome memories together with my son and we will never forget the red snappers, batfish, the turtles and sharks, the stingrays and the endless amounts of fish in any and every imaginable color.

You surpassed everything I hoped for

It's easy to sound like something out of a travel brochure but the truth is that there is something absolutely amazing about waking up to a great breakfast anchored off some sand bank or uninhabited island.

Dhoni Stella Our own desert island of the day!

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Is Dhoni Stella for you?

If you want freedom, excitement, adventure and a small amount of indulgence, then yes, it probably is.