Abbiamo trascorso due settimane meravigliose a bordo di Over Reef! Lo yacht è stato costruito nel 2019 ed è dotato di tutto il necessario per un viaggio confortevole attraverso gli innumerevoli atolli delle Maldive. Si tratta infatti di una piccola villa sull'acqua, dotata di aria condizionata, grande TV, cabine accoglienti e comodi prendisole. Ma d'altra parte, puoi svegliarti ogni giorno in un posto nuovo, nuotare su una spiaggia nuova e vedere le Maldive in un modo impossibile da fare in qualsiasi hotel più lussuoso.

Dhoni Stella Crew Over Reef

Tutto e’ stato perfetto per la nostra famiglia!

Svegliarsi e tuffarsi nell'oceano più puro, per poi fare colazione sul ponte superiore con pancake alla banana appena sfornati non ha prezzo! Ogni giorno una nuova barriera corallina per lo snorkeling, branchi di delfini e nuotate con le mante! Barbecue romantici sulle isole deserte! L'infinito, fantastico, magnifico Oceano Indiano ai tuoi piedi 24 ore su 24! Albe e soprattutto tramonti indimenticabili! Adoriamo la pesca e in questo viaggio abbiamo potuto goderci il nostro hobby preferito all'infinito! E che sashimi ha preparato il cuoco con il pesce appena pescato!!!

Parole di gratitudine sono da spendere a parte per l’equipaggio

Hanno reso la nostra vacanza davvero indimenticabile! Il Capitano Adam è un vero Maestro del suo mestiere e conosce i posti migliori per il divertimento e la pesca, lo chef Kumar non ha mai smesso di stupirci ogni giorno con nuovi piatti deliziosi. E che tipo di pasticcini fa!!! Sembra che tu debba dimenticarti di perdere peso in vacanza. Lo steward Soleman è sempre pronto a soddisfare qualsiasi tua richiesta e il nostro figlio più giovane ha davvero stretto amicizia con lui. L'assistente Niyaz ha fatto tutto per rendere il nostro viaggio il più confortevole possibile.

Dhoni Stella Che pescata!

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  1. Glauco & Family

    Ciao Max! E' andato tutto perfettamente, bellissima esperienza. L'equipaggio era veramente cordiale e disponibile. Immersioni stupende e barca veramente comoda! Torneremo di sicuro, magari una volta a Novembre per visitare un altra zona... A presto! Glauco

    Stella 2 / January, 2020
  2. Neil & Family

    Hi Max, we had a lovely 10 days on the boat, really relaxing and so many stunning memories. We’ll write a more comprehensive review for you when we return to the UK. Many thanks again for hosting us on such a wonderful holiday. We’re relaxing now at the resort, with our bodies feeling the occasional swaying motion to remind us of Stella 1. Have a great New Year.

    Stella 1 / December, 2019
  3. David & Family

    We are wrapping up our charter this morning and we had an incredible time. Over Reef was absolutely perfect for our family, and it didn’t feel like a maiden cruise (though I know the crew worked very hard to address the small issues that always come up with a new boat). In particular, I want to highlight how great all of the crew was. They really went out of their way to make it a great experience for us, and particularly Nasru and Adam, who were always highly knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to be around. The food was also surprisingly good.

    Over Reef / August, 2019
  4. Lone & Family

    We truly enjoyed life on Stella and were now getting used to the rhythm on board: breakfast, snorkeling, lunch, snorkeling, afternoon tea and evening cosiness. We navigated 2-3 hours per day, some days weighing anchor already before breakfast. But this morning we could sleep a little longer and woke up at our beautiful reef just off Gaalee with the now familiar luminous blue and turquoise stripes. I thanked the higher powers, thinking I would never have enough of standing here on Stella's deck in the hazy morning sun, enjoying this fascinating color play. And the precious silence, apart from the sound of happy splashes from Jens and Christian's morning swim. Lone.

    Farven Blå (The Color Blue) - by Lone E. Valentinsen

    "Maldives. Small, snow-white paradise islands placed like a row of pearls on a deep blue sea surrounded by turquoise lagoons. The water is so clear that it almost hurts the eyes, and high swaying palms is the only thing that breaks the eyes path to the horizon. So is the Maldives. But it is so much more. A small family had the chance to experience this on their own body and soul during a 10-day boat trip through seven atolls. They embark as the only passengers on a small wooden ship to enjoy the amazing life both beneath and above the water. But also with the desire to gain insight into everyday life in the Maldives, which is facing major changes. Consequences of climate change, political disagreement and rapid globalization is the visible backdrop on the stage of the fantastic and special nature. Join Stella as she sets out from the Laamu Atoll and into the adventure - which also brings new friendships and time for reflection".

    Stella 1 / July, 2019
  5. Neil & family

    Max, what an amazing trip - great diving, incredible food and so relaxing. It’s great that from each of us from 10 years old to 50 felt it was our best ever holiday. And the small changes to the layout really add to the experience. We’re already discussing possible timings for future trips. Many thanks for all your organisation, and special thanks to each member of the crew (Stella Dhoni Family) that made the trip so special. Neil, Sacha, Misha and Luka.

    Stella 2 / December, 2017
    1. Wendy & family

      I would like to let you know that we had a fantastic time at Dhoni Stella 1 from 28Jun-02Jul. The crew lead by Nasru, the Captain, Kumar, and Ahmmadey were fantastic for our stay. My husband who is not a strong swimmer was assisted by Nasru all the time, he was finally able to relax and enjoy the snorkelling. I am very grateful for Nasru's help. And may I say that Kumar is the best chef. We enjoyed all his cookings. My girls think he is the best. The Captain and Ahmmadey were so good with my girls especially my youngest who had her birthday on board Dhoni Stella. They played chess with her, helped her with first time fishing (she caught 2 big fish in an hour), and she also helped with octopus hunting. They made her feel very special. Once again, thank you very much to the crew.

      Stella 1 / June, 2017
    1. Rita & family

      Now we are back home for 2 weeks already and the beautiful Maldives seem to be so far away again…We wanted to thank you for the great trip on Dhoni Stella, we enjoyed it very much (despite the big waves the first day…..). The boat is beautiful and the crew was amazing and professional. We were so happy to see turtels and even a nice big sting ray when snorkeling. We also loved the delicious currys and dishes the cook was preparing in that small kitchen. I tried to cook the coconut curry at home, but without the Maledivan recipe it was just not the same… Thanks again for the smooth organisation - we will definitely recommend your Yachts to our friends.. Kind regards from Switzerland.

      Stella 2 / April, 2017
  6. Veronica & family

    Hi Max, I just wanted to say again how much we all enjoyed our cruise on the Stella 2. What a beautifully fitted out boat she is and we certainly all made the most of the loungers on the top deck. The cabins were so spacious too and the bathrooms modern and very functional. The crew could not be faulted in any way - always helpful, friendly and cheerful. The meals were some of the best we had on our whole trip especially the fish fresh from the ocean. They were very attentive to our likes and dislikes - Kumar would loved to have used some salt but my sister is not able to have food with salt. We had an amusing time when he said he would normally use lots of rosemary but we had said we did not like it. The herb rosemary had been confused with my sister Rosemary! Kudar learnt how everyone liked their tea and coffees without having to be told again, and that we liked drinks at sunset - very on the ball! I really enjoyed my dive and Nasru was very reassuring for a rather inexperienced diver like me. I've left it rather late in my life to qualify! With best wishes.

    Stella 2 / April, 2017
  7. Jens & family

    We are now well back in Denmark (- 2 °C and light snow), after a great and inspiring week onboard Stella 1. Hereby some feedback as promised. It was a week filled with joy, new experiences, great company - and it certainly lived up to our expectations. We would especially like to say thanks to your hard-working and very competent crew, so please also convey our message to them. Malla, as our main point of contact, managed to make us feel comfortable at all times - but besides from this, he was also a great source of information about the Maldives. We are by nature very curious, and Malla was always ready to explain about daily life in the Maldives. We really appreciate his way with guests and his great sense of humor. We had expected that we would have to do most of the snorkeling activities on our own, and were therefore very pleased to learn that Nasru was onboard and ready to go snorkeling with us on a regular basis. He took us to snorkeling places, which we would never have found on our own, and was always happy to share his vast experience and knowledge. Great to learn about snorkeling in the Maldives from someone that experienced! In the passengers form, we asked for local dishes and fish/seafood. And we got it! Kumar did a great job in preparing delicious and nice-looking dishes, despite the limited space and the heat in Stella's galley. Everything presented in a nice and appealing way. And our favorites were of course the days when fresh-caught fish were available. On top of all this, a very kind, caring and trust-worthy captain, Dhotte, who managed to calm down a sometimes rather concerned Lone - when the waves got a little too big. And who let Christian take care of the rudder at more calm times. So: A great team, with whom it was a pleasure to share Stella 1 for a week.

    Stella 1 / April, 2017
  8. Malte & family

    Dear Max, hope you are well. I owe you a big thanks for a great holiday with Stella and my family. Even though weather was literally not great, did not see the whale shark and so on – we were so well taken care off by the crew, enjoyed the few hours of sun shine, had some great dives, visited some wonderful islands and enjoyed Stella. I am sure over time that one or two friends of mine will mail you – let me know if you need recommendations. I hope we will have the opportunity to return. Please send our regards to the full team.

    Stella 1 / November, 2016

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